A service for bloggers, near you

The title sounds like a cryptic crossword clue and it does have a double meaning, the App technology of echoer.com provides a service for two groups of people: the blogger and the mobile phone user who wants to know what is going on nearby.

looking for friends

Where is everyone? Is anything happening nearby?

For the blogger: It drives traffic to their site. Echoer looks at their blog and re-delivers the header or a close imitation that they think will catch the attention of the reader. The more people read it the more prominent the blog becomes on the App interface (the blog is represented by a bubble, the more popular the blog the bigger the bubble). See the user interface for yourself.

For the user: Echoer is sensitive to geographic location and as the size of the bubble increases, users can see what is popular around them. It reflects the thoughts of those nearby.

This is an innovative tool for bloggers to add to those that drive traffic to their site assuming, of course, they have something location related to communicate.

It puts the ‘social’ into social media by focussing on the geographic location and the physical presence of people.

Have you similar tools?




  1. great post

  2. thank you Leonard, much appreciated

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